Welcome to S. Rocco Seno d'Elvio

Luigi Penna, "Vigiotö", born in 1915, bought the vineyards, sourrounding his father's homestead, in 1945 after returning home from a period of military service in Greece. His wines were soon appreciated by a great number of friends.

Vigioto likes remembering:
"Everyone encouraged me,
my wines were above all appreciated
for the location of the vineyards
and for my method of quality research"

Quality and attention in cellar

We own "31 giornate piemontesi" (approximately 12 hectares) of vineyards on a quaint, bowl shaped hill, in the hamlets Madonna di Como and San Rocco Seno d'Elvio, quite close to the city of Alba. The work carried out in the vineyards is meticulous, and the thinning out of the grape bunches already begins around the month of July. The cellar's technology enhances the quality of the grapes by means of modern, updated equipment however maintaining traditional winemaking.

The classical wines of the "langhe" hills produced by our Winery are: Nebbiolo d'Alba D.O.C. and Barbera d'Alba D.O.C., as well as the hononimous D.O.C. " VIGIOTÖ" and "N'GIOLINA". These two wines are named after "Vigiotö" and his wife "N'giolina" (nicknames in the Piedmontese dialect).

The Dolcetto d’Alba wine finds its land of adoption on a vineyard which was former property of Mister GALANTE. A tiny area of this vineyard gives birth to the “GALANTE SUPERIORE” thanks to its unique position end to the very accurate thinning out of the grapes.

Two types of white wines are produced with the indication of origin “Langhe”: the Arneis LURE’ and the Selection MOIOLO.