Moiolo Langhe DOC Arneis

Place of origin:   Vineyards of Arneis grapes in Madonna Como and in San Rocco Seno d'Elvio (located in the commune of Alba). South-eastern exposure. Period of vintage: mid September.
Cultivated land:   0,2 hectares approx.
Yield per vine:   2 kg approx.
Method of cultivation:   Classical "Guyot" method, with medium pruning.
Average density of vines:   4.000 vines per hectare.
Descriptive Notes:   A full-bodied, well-structured, straw-coloured wine, enhanced by a "sur lies" in steel tanks. On the nose, noticeable characteristics of the Arneis variety, with both fruity and floral hints. Very intense taste, but not nauseating, due to its good level of acidity which enhances the fruity apple perception.
Wine-making:   Cold maceration of the grape skins, light pressing and fermentation at a steady temperature of 18/20 °C
Refinement:   Six months in steel tanks on the fine lees.
Bottling:   Early spring
Bottle ageing:   One month at Penna Winery.
Consumption:   Best consumed within 2 years approx.
Serving temperature:   8°/10° C.
Best served with:   This wine is an ideal aperitif and goes well with hors
Preservation:   Maintain the bottles in a horizontal position, in a dark room, with a constant temperature of 15°/16° and approx.80/85% humidity.