Lure' Langhe Arneis DOC

Place of origin:   Vineyards of Arneis Grapes in Madonna Como (hamlet in the town of Alba) South-east aspect. Harvest middle September.
Surface grown with grape vines:   1,8 Hectares approx
Grape yeld per vine:   2 Kg approx
Vine training:   The system of rearing with classical “Guyot”, with medium pruning.
Average density:   4.000 stumps for one hectare
Descriptive Notes:   It is a prestigious white wine with a refined elegance, being appreciated even by the most demanding connoisseurs. It is straw-coloured and has a sweet smell of flowers and fresh fruit and a mellow aftertaste.
Wine-making:   Soft pressing, cold racking, fermentation at a max. temperature of 18-20 °C.
Bottling:   Early spring
Refinement in bottles:   One month at the Penna’s cellar
The wear at the consumer:   To drink during the year of the bottling to appreciate the freshness and the perfumes.
Conservation:   To maintain the bottles horizontally, without light; the temperature: 15°/16° and the humidity 80/85% about.
Serving temperature:   8°/10° C
Gastronomical coupling:   This wine is good to start lunch, to match start dishes and fish.